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Down to Your Last Strike

“And even man’s desire to live is not automatic: your secret evil today is that that is the desire you do not hold. Your fear of death is not a love of life and will not give you the knowledge needed to keep it. Man must obtain his knowledge and choose his actions by a…

A Moment of Silence

As a teacher, I was stunned at the horror and marveled at the bravery that took place up in an Elementary School in Connecticut on Friday.  It is inevitable that when a tragedy like this happens, that gun control enters into the debate.  I have always been a believer in the phrase, “guns don’t kill…

The “Anybody But” Election

Next up, South Carolina History in the Republican Party has been made as Mitt Romney has swept the Iowa Caucus (although by only 8 votes) and New Hampshire Primary.   So why would I say that it is not over, because things are different.

I AM the LAW!

Happy 2012, people.  This is going to be a BIG year!!! What Constitution? Over the Christmas break I had a chance to meet with our friend, Hugh.  We decided (more like he decided that I was sticking my nose in his kitchen) that I would shift my focus to the national political scene.  With the…