Bike vs. Car

I had a choice, do I go watch the circus for Flowery Branch city council or do I go watch the circus of bikes vs. cars?  I hate to say, I went with the circus under the big top (But I did send a spy to the other).

As background, three of our illustrious delegation members (Carl Rogers, Lee Hawkins, and Emory Dunahoo) sponsored a bill, HB689, that would require tags for bicycles operated on a “roadway” and established additional rules like riding in single file of groups no larger than four riders with groups no closer than 50 feet.

I have seen the chatter from the Tea Party and even heard that Eric Erickson announced on WSB that he would make a contribution to any legitimate candidate that would run against any of these three members of the State House of Representatives as well as come up to Hall County to campaign against them.  So, as you could guess, there was standing room only in the Hall County Government center meeting room for this one.  This was a charged environment with at least one person needing to be escorted out of the room when he refused to give up the floor.

Carl Rogers announced that the purpose of the bill was to get everyone in this room.  Well, if that was the purpose, it succeeded.  I just have to wonder if that was the most effective way to get people to talk about the issue.  Now our delegation has become the laughing stock of Georgia and our legislators have painted themselves as a bunch of big government RINOs.

In the end, it looks like the bill will be pulled.  Now the question will be: who will step up and challenge these incumbents.

Riled Up!

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