Back to the Fetterman

As predicted, the campaign season in Flowery Branch looks to be a busy one.  Late last week, former Council Member, Chris Fetterman, announced on WDUN his intentions to run for office.  Evidently, Mr. Fetterman was vague in announcing exactly which position he was running for leaving the option open to either run for a council seat or the Mayor’s.

It is up to us to guess as to why the announcement was made so early, but with the appearance on the radio this early, we can assume that we may have an active spring.  I say early, because it looks like Flowery Branch intends to qualify candidates between August 26 and 28.  Until a candidate qualifies, he (or she) isn’t really a candidate; therefore, the potential candidate doesn’t have to say what they are running for or even commit to running.  However, once the candidate starts to take contributions or make expenditures, they are required to file with the state.  It looks like the first filing to look for will be on March 31st.

We will circle back around this April to see if there is anything interesting in any of the incumbent’s campaign reports.  I doubt that any of the challengers (even Fetterman) will need to file until after the summer filing.

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  1. Dukes
    January 10, 2013 at 10:18 am

    In the interest of fairness and full disclosure which you know, is certainly the norm and what’s expected here in Hazzard, I have always wondered about Fetterman’s last race. If you look at the final campaign disclosure from his opponent, Mary Jones (who oddly enough looks like she could be Lu-Lu Hogg’s twin sister), her termination report shows a zero remaining balance. However, the report she filed immediately before losing the race to Fetterman and proceeding the termination report clearly shows a remaining balance of $1,106. Sounds like Roscoe needs to come out of retirement and get Flash busy on tracking down that scent!

    1/8/13 was also the filing deadline for the end of year disclosure but it looks like our gal Lu-Lu missed it! With the penalties so steep for failing to file, Lu-Lu may want to put her application in at The Boar’s Nest and pick up some extra work. But she’ll have to get through Daisy first.

  2. Dukes
    January 10, 2013 at 11:51 am

    Sorry Truth readers — My eyesight was a little off. Old age does that. The final balance on the 10-25-11 report was $1,3,09.35. The amount listed above was for the September report that year. You can check it out yourself:

    I just know if I gave money to her campaign, I’d be asking where my money went. But those who ask such questions in Hazzard are often not around for too long.

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