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To Good to Pass Up

So Mr. Anonymous decided to pipe up again.  And although it would seem that Mr. Akston is covering this heaping load off crap going on in Flowery Branch, I couldn’t help but add this little tid bit I received via email.  It would seem that the methods of the Branch’s leadership is causing a stink. 

Submitted by Anonymous

The following was submitted to the Truth via email.  The Email address it came from seems to have been a  free email account that was subsequently canceled after this was sent.  But we here at The Truth LIKED IT.  So I just decided to post it.  

They Will Say Anything for Your VOTE

I have come to believe that these candidates will say anything to get your vote.  to the point of sounding ridiculous.  Ottaviano had this to say on his Twitter account.  Granted, he said it to all  4 of his Twitter followers.  See the screen shot.  This was posted twice.

Gainesville Times Pulitzer Worthy?

After reading yet a SECOND article from Gainesville Times reporter Ashley Fielding about who spent what on the campaign trail to the vacant house seat, we at The Truth are taking up a collection to pay the $50 entry fee to Columbia University for an opportunity to win the Pulitzer Prize.

Say one thing Do another?

“I’m tired of politicians that say one thing and do another.” -Bobby Banks That is the statement made in big bold type in the mailer from Bobby Banks  that you probably got in your mailbox too.  But if you are anything like me you had a confused look on your face when you read those…

Not in My House

Hugh wrote some interesting things about the upcoming special election for the vacant House seat.  I however have a varying opinion, or at least a more “straight talk” approach.

Lutz may Resign?

More rumor than news, the Truth has gotten some interesting phone calls and emails today.  One of which would cure the ills of a group of go getters that have had their little “go getter” motors focused on the Hall county Commissioner, Craig Lutz.  With recall effort after recall effort, they seem to have no…

I’m Just Saying.

I am not going to write a big article on this. You need to. You the readers, the Hall County voters, the Hall County employees, the Hall County Deputies. This is what is going on in your face. What the hell do you think is going on behind your back????

Sheriff Who?

A fifth person steps up to enter the battle for the Hall County Sheriff seat being vacated by the retiring Sheriff Cronic. So the lesser of the evils just became the lesser of 5 evils.

What the Truck is Going on?

Oh come on.  I am calling bullshit on this one.  Yes, I said bullshit.  This new super truck that the Hall County Sheriff has proudly announced that they are receiving is a load and a half.  Hey, how does that wool over your face feel, Mr. Hall County resident?