Riled Up

Bike vs. Car

I had a choice, do I go watch the circus for Flowery Branch city council or do I go watch the circus of bikes vs. cars?  I hate to say, I went with the circus under the big top (But I did send a spy to the other).

Going, Going….

I read in the legal organ where they want to charge for people for the ability to read the news online.  Lucky for us, we will still be able to read the legals.  So, it looks like we will have to get our information from somewhere else.

Pay Me, Pay Me Too

Candidates, you should know that I have put a Google alert on each of you so if a news story comes up, then I will know….  That being said, Google alerted me to a blog post that a candidate for Flowery Branch put up yesterday: Pay Raises for Everybody.

Do I Have to Vote?

So, I’ve been out of it the past couple of months; I thought that former Commissioner Ashley Bell was running for Mayor of Gainesville.  It turns out, that Ashley decided to sit this one out.  So where does that leave us?  Well, there was going to be some challenged positions for council, but two candidates…

Pay me, Pay me!

While on my layoff, I received an e-mail of an e-mail that had me scratching my head a little.  The e-mail seemed innocuous at the time because I lacked context; in fact, when I read it, I wanted to give the Mayor of Flowery Branch a pat on the back for his fiscal conservatism.  It…

When is a Pay Raise not a Pay Raise?

I had a friend in Sterling on the Lake text me a picture of a push card left on his Mailbox for one of the disputed races in Flowery Branch.  My friend’s question concerned the comment about repealing the 70% pay raise.  He wanted to know if the information was true and why he hadn’t…

The Smell of Flowers

I will say it if no one else will: I have been disappointed with our new chairman.  First he decides that he wants to turn our county into a police state, then he votes to keep the Red Rabbit, and now he wants to help out the gardeners in the county.

Chairman Attila the Hun

It was good seeing our new Chairman on TV coming just short of calling for a police state here in Hall County.  You can skip all the fun and jump to his speech starting at the 1:18:26 mark.  The best part is that the Chairman announced that he is to the “right of Attila the…

I Will Raise you Twice

Ah yes, the annual increase in the price of water is upon us.  It appears that the City of Gainesville needs the money.  At least that must have been the recommendation after their retreat.  Luckily for most of us, we pay twice as much for water as a resident of Gainesville.  I would call it…