Dagny Taggert

Happiest Guy in Gainesville


Yesterday afternoon Zach Thompson got great news. At the Gainesville City Council Meeting Tuesday afternoon, Bob Hamrick announced he was retiring and wouldn’t seek re-election. I am hoping the best for Bob Hamrick and his retirement. Enjoy the free time.

Those Sneaky Commissioners

I wonder what the County Commission is up to tomorrow. I just happened to be looking at the county website and saw the page about the meetings of the Commissioners. You see the section on “Work Sessions”? Says Monday prior to 2nd and 4th Thursday. But wait, there is more. If you click that link under…

Reappoint Bobby Hulsey, you’re kidding right?

Well I got a few calls, one from Commissioner Chuck, that the Truth is back. I also received a call from another friend who attended the planning meeting and the South Hall Republican Club meetings. They passed some observations along on to me; that plus some other sources and my own observations tell me now…

An inside view from the inside.

I’m going to break down what I see as the dysfunctional elements in the Hall County Government from elected officials to department heads. But I’m going to start with our illustrious Commission Chairman, Dick Mecum. Chairman Mecum, if you read this, do not worry, I’m not picking on you only. I will address everyone in…

Is this the beginning of the end for Gainesville?

Sometimes I wonder what residents in the City of Gainesville think about the city and its future. At the beginning of the year, the current Mayor gave the state of the city address at the City Council meeting. He mostly talked about how the city is wonderful, awesome, spectacular, amazing, fantastic, stupendous, perfect and rich.…

The Clouds just got Greyer in Flowery Branch

City of Flowery Branch (council and bureaucratic employees not city limits or citizens) has been a joke for decades. But in every situation that is bad you usually have a silver lining. One silver lining in Flowery Branch is leaving. It is unfortunate when these things happen but understandable. James Riker, city planner is leaving to go to the…

A Tale of 2 Fire Stations

Hall County is in process of putting up 2 new fire stations. One will replace Fire Station 3 at the corner of Price and Short Rd. Hint, it is going to be located near the intersection of Ledan Rd and Will Wallace Rd. The other will be built near Mt Vernon and Shirley Rd.

Leading a Horse to Water

Let me explain the good and bad as I see it on Lake Lanier Islands going on a private water system. First and most important, Lake Lanier Islands is not a private resort. It is a State Authority. Meaning it is a “Government Entity.”