Commissioner Chuck

Courthouse Perks


I promised to follow the Truth no matter where it leads which makes this one of the hardest articles that I have written. I was alerted to this story in a completely different context, but here I am. I have talked to several friends about this piece, and while I am not held to the…

What Is the Value of Life?


What is the value of life? That was the question offered by the chairman when some of the commissioners refused to give a blank check to the judicial system for a new courthouse. I ask, what is the value of security if what we have isn’t followed?

Do You Get What You Pay For?


Last year I made a motion to not fund an additional Juvenile Court Judge. My rational was that our county population was ~180k and we already had 2 Juvenile Court Judges while Forsyth County (same size) only has 1; Gwinnett County with a population of over 800k only has 3. This was rooted in the…

Go Where the Truth Leads You

If you have read any of my blog, I think it is obvious that I was not a journalism or English major. In fact, for most of my political career, my relationship with the media would have been best described as contentious and untrustworthy. As a blog, I am not held to some of the…

Trump Card

trump card2

I still get a lot of political questions from friends and family about all kinds of issues. The last several weeks, the vast majority of the conversation has centered around one of the Republican Candidates for President: Donald Trump. Love him or hate him seems to be the general consensus from the people that I…

Counting to Four


Sometimes when I am at forums like the South Hall Republican Club listening to public officials, I can’t help but to think about what I want to write because there are times when it seems like they are addressing me, but I am not allowed to rebut; as was the case this past Tuesday when…

One for Three is Good in Baseball

Chairman Richard Mecum

After Flowery Branch increased taxes, followed by the Hall County School Board increasing taxes, the Hall County Commission eked out a narrow 3-2 vote to hold the line. So with this victory, you would think that there would have been some decreased spending with this rollback…. If you think they spent less, you would be…

The Tax Man Cometh


I attended the Flowery Branch City Council meeting tonight to watch them raise my taxes for a 3rd consecutive year by a vote of 3 to 1 with Mayor Mike Miller casting the deciding vote and Councilman Joe Anglin casting the dissenting vote. The issue that I have is that only one person, Councilman Anglin,…