At Least It Ain’t the General Lee

A recent story about state Schools Superintendent John Barge caught my eye while I was reading the paper at The Boar’s Nest.  It looks like Barge has been taking advantage of a $7,000 yearly car allowance even though the fringe benefit was cut out long before Barge took office.  You can read about the story here:

As much traveling as a state school superintendent does across a state as big as ours, I guess $7,000 is a pretty fair amount if you sign on to the principle that an official should get a car allowance to start with.  We’ll leave that discussion for another time.  But, what struck me as particularly interesting about the Barge story is how it relates to a situation in Hazzard County with another official involving a similar car allowance issue.  And no, this time, it doesn’t involve Boss Hogg.  A very close friend to Boss Hogg but not Boss himself.

What intrigued me about the car allowance story is the very car allowance given to the City Manager in Flowery Branch, Mr. Bill Andrew.  According to page 4 of the approved FY 2013 budget in Flowery Branch, which you can see here:, the City Manager of Flowery Branch is given a $6,000 car allowance by the City Council.  Now, I’m certainly no graduate of a fancy smancy school – they don’t have those in Hazzard.  But the last time I looked at a map when I was in a truck stop, the state of Georgia is a whole lot bigger than the territory covered by Flowery Branch.  Even if you take into account areas that conceivably might be in the sphere of influence for Flowery Branch, there’s just no way you can tell this old Geezer that the state school superintendent and the city manager of Flowery Branch ought to have car allowances damn near the same ballpark.  Barge has been using $7,000, Andrew has been using $6,000.  What the heck is that all about?  And apparently, the City Council is all in on it hands down because the budget passed unanimously this year with not very much discussion at all I here other than a bunch of blowing hot air up the skirts no one on the Council wears since there’s not a feminine rascal of the bunch in my opinion.  But of course, I’m so partial to Daisy, it is borderline obsessive.  I tried to get her on Council but we’ll save that story for later too.

My point is, even in last year’s budget when the same car allowance was sanctioned by the Council, you only had 2 Council members that voted against the budget!!!  What’s up with Flowery Branch?  Does its City Manager really stay on the road that much?  Doing what???  I’ve never seen the man driving around so I can’t tell you.  But maybe you know.  I do know he never comes to the Boar’s Nest and I’m perfectly okay with that.


  3 comments for “At Least It Ain’t the General Lee

  1. Conservative
    February 9, 2013 at 11:04 pm

    Bill Andrew has been sucking off the tax payers for decades. I wish a few councilmen (and women) would see how they could do better and upgrade to a real Manager.

  2. GT183
    February 12, 2013 at 9:35 pm

    For a Podunk town with less than 6,000 people, it is amazing how much they pay their administrator; $92k per year?!?! Where do I sign up?

    When you add in all his benefits, he costs each resident almost $24 per year. Hmmm…..

    • Dukes of Hall County
      February 13, 2013 at 8:31 am

      Maybe more. Look at that budget link again. Add in all the extras after salary like healthcare and you’re up to almost $130k. Nice money if you can find it. Just add up healthcare and the cafeteria plan for the City Manager & it’s almost $30k by itself. That’s a lot of healthcare expense for someone that I’m told rides a bicycle to work!!

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