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U.S. House 14

As mentioned, my fellow members of the armadillo hat club have looked at the census numbers and decided that Hall County would be the centerpiece for the new congressional seat. It is a useless exercise to try and predict the size of the district or even who could be in it, but useless doesn’t mean not fun.

So let’s get started by looking at what we know. Based on the 2010 population and the number of U.S. representatives (14), we know that the new district will have about 690,000 (plus or minus 69k) people. Let’s start by looking at the size of our current district, Ga. 9, with 874,140. That puts us over by about the size of Hall County, 179,684. The problem is that we are not nearly big enough for our own congressional seat (unlike Gwinnett with 805k people). But considering that we are about as far from our current congressman as you can get (Representative Tom Graves is from Gordon County) and I don’t see him moving, my guess is that we will be peeled off.

With that, the members of the armadillo hat club have come up with the Hall County candidates (in alphabetical order by last name):

· Sheriff Chronic- The Sheriff reportedly announced that he is not running for Sheriff and he is probably the most popular politician in Hall County. This would be an interesting wild card considering his stance on illegals.

· Doug Collins- State Representative from North Hall. Rep. Collins appears to have the governor’s ear and support. Most of the members of the armadillo hat club don’t know who he is, so he will have a lot of work on getting his name recognition up.

· Al Gainey- former Hall County Chairman and radio host on AM 550. It looks like he has changed started a move to the right from being “right leaning” to “your conservative news source”.

· Lee Hawkins- the former state senator that pushed Graves into 2 runoffs last year. He didn’t have anyone challenging him from Hall County (other than the independent). With 4 elections last year and a bunch of debt, over $340k, one has to wonder about the burnout factor.

· Martha Zoller- radio host on FM 103.7. The members of the armadillo hat club think that she talks the talk, but we will have to see if she can walk the walk.

It is hard to say if any of these candidates could be considered a front runner for the seat because we do not know the other areas or counties that might be in the district. We could end up with a piece of Gwinnett County, all or some of Forsyth and maybe even a piece of some other county like Cherokee. When it comes down to it, Hall may be a small player in the whole U.S. House 14 game. It will be fun to watch. I believe that the timeline for the creation of the districts should be by the end of summer, so stay tuned.

Hugh Hall County Akston

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  1. jbuster
    April 8, 2011 at 7:50 am

    Hugh..Throw my name in the hat..jb

    • Hugh Akston
      April 10, 2011 at 2:57 pm

      Done! Good luck.

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