An inside view from the inside.

I’m going to break down what I see as the dysfunctional elements in the Hall County Government from elected officials to department heads. But I’m going to start with our illustrious Commission Chairman, Dick Mecum. Chairman Mecum, if you read this, do not worry, I’m not picking on you only. I will address everyone in turn. 

Anyone who knows me knows I had major issues with Chairman Oliver. I supported Dick Mecum for Chairman for multiple reasons. He stated he was a “real” republican (I took that as fiscally conservative, pro business, pro individual freedom, etc…) who wanted cooperation with the municipalities in Hall County. He talked about leadership and being a good person. Basically he said all the right things. Now it is time to do the right things.

Chairman Dick Mecum (from now on I’ll refer to him as the Chairman) has not started off well in my opinion. I’m going to stick to 3 maybe 4 issues (if need be I can always write another post.)  

First, I am disappointed how working in cooperation with the municipalities has evolved into doing what the city of Gainesville says to do when they say to do it. I love the city of Gainesville in concept but their government is as intrusive and taxing as any government around and I include the city of Atlanta in that comparison. If you think I’m wrong, why do you think 65% the cities residents are renters. And if the county changes course (for the 3rd time) on the sewer for the 365 development and over pays Gainesville (I’m hearing the Chairman is looking to do this) to do the treatment we are all going to get the financial shaft.

So far I am not seeing the Chairman make any fiscally conservative moves. He has not recommended one idea to reduce the taxes of the citizens in anyway. When opportunities have been put in front of him he has supported big government 

I am not seeing the Chairman be pro business either. It seems he thinks adding an extra layer of government oversight in business is fine. And I have seen and am hearing that the Chairman is so adamant about adding these new rules for government oversight that he is literally yelling at other commissioners in the office. Mr. Chairman as an FYI if you don’t want people to know you are making a scene then take it outside of the building that is filled with people.

Mr. Chairman, I supported your election. I campaigned for you. I voted for you. But you are embarrassing me. Please be the leader I know you are capable of being. I have faith in your abilities. If I am wrong and you aren’t capable then maybe you may want to resign?

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  1. Unhappy
    March 16, 2013 at 3:47 pm

    I supported Tom Oliver. Dick Mecum is a clown.

  2. Dukes of Hall County
    March 17, 2013 at 10:21 am

    I don’t know Dagny. Of course, I usually have my ear more to the Dirty Boys Network where I sniff things out after they happen. So I don’t have a clue about some of the things you talk about. But just from the outside, I haven’t found a reason to dislike the Chairman. Maybe it’s because Boss Hogg was just __so__ bad as Chairman that I can tolerate a lot more from someone who doesn’t own a bunch of hen & egg farms. I always thought those farms were just a front for “Chairman” Hogg. He should’ve owned fish. Would’ve been a lot less, well, fishy.

    But back to Chairman Meccum, I will give you this and that is I too know of many, many places where the county could already be making cuts and reforms to bring it in line with a government that’s more about leaving people alone and letting the free market and private sector run without bothersome entanglements with government. And I don’t have any claim to insider knowledge of the county’s inner workings at all. So I can only think there are many areas to fix that I know nothing about. I just see what I see from my barstool in The Boar’s Nest. That’s all I know. But it’s enough to know what I need to know to keep our guys on the stick.

  3. Riled Up
    March 17, 2013 at 11:38 pm

    I’ve heard that it is even better that you may know. My source says that it appears the Chairman still thinks he is Sheriff and took the said commissioner to task (in e-mail of all places) for asking the current Sheriff questions on something the Sheriff is asking for. The blow up was some sort of continuation of the e-mail exchange.

    Well, we’ve had Tom and now Dick, I guess we will have to vote for Harry next time.

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