A Tale of 2 Fire Stations

Hall County is in process of putting up 2 new fire stations. One will replace Fire Station 3 at the corner of Price and Short Rd. Hint, it is going to be located near the intersection of Ledan Rd and Will Wallace Rd. The other will be built near Mt Vernon and Shirley Rd.

All the news reports quote Commissioner Scott Gibbs talking about the issues of moving Fire Station 2 to Clermont. You can read for yourself. (http://www.gainesvilletimes.com/archives/70373/ and http://www.accessnorthga.com/detail.php?n=250064)

Never in the articles does it mention the huge interest Commissioner Billy Powell has in the 2 new stations. This brings me to my point: guess which commissioner has taken the lead on this project? You guessed correctly if you said Commissioner Powell. Now this is interesting for multiple reasons.

It is my understanding that during Commissioner Powell’s campaign to be re-elected he promised the residents of Lanier Village Estates that “their Fire Station wasn’t going anywhere.” Lanier Village is a retirement community right next to Kroger on Thompson Bridge Rd. And seniors really like having fire and EMS services near by. The moving of Station 3 will move the station from 1.5 miles away from Lanier Village to nearly 5 miles away. But when has a politicians promise ever meant anything?

All of the first point has little to do with how Commissioner Powell seems adamant on being in charge of site selection for the 2 stations. Now to some point the site of the fire station in his commission district seems to be commissioner’s prerogative. But why in the world does he seem to be so interested in the site of the fire station in Commission District 3? Could it be that he is getting some sort of kick back on the sites?

For the few of you who keep your head in the sand, Commissioner Powell is a real estate agent. I am being told that Commissioner Powell is even arguing with staff and other commissioners about the location of the fire station in District 3. Now you tell me, why would a commissioner argue with other commissioners and staff over the site of a fire station in another commissioner’s district? Do you think he is strictly concerned over the safety of the people who live in the area? My father always told me, “Son, where there is smoke there is going to be fire.” My bet is Commissioner Powell is going to get PAID for choosing just the right spots for the stations. You tell me what you’re thinking? More as this issue develops.

Dagny Taggert

  2 comments for “A Tale of 2 Fire Stations

  1. GT183
    November 17, 2012 at 12:21 am

    Smells like Gwinnett County!

  2. Slim
    December 5, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    I was told by a barber at the same barber shop where Powell gets his hair cut that his barber wants to sell the county land a mile or so down Shirley Rd. This tract will require a huge amount of dirt to be moved at the tax payers expense. It would be much better to locate the station on Mt. Vernon Rd.

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