A Guy Making a Difference

imageLeo Smith is a man on a mission. That mission, telling and showing people of color that it is okay to be a Conservative. Leo has worked with the Republican Party for years getting out the message. The evidence of his hard work and the work of others was manifested in Gov Deal’s re-election. Did you know that Gov Deal won over 11% of the State’s Black voters. Numbers not seen since reconstruction. He also nearly got 50% (47+%) of the State’s Hispanic voters. I want to thank Leo for coming to Hall County and educating the Board on the issues before us. I for years have tried to tell my friends (who happen to be of color) that they are Conservative, whether they know it or not. Watch out Democrats, I’m hunting for your Conservative members and Leo will be helping me. More of you are out there curious about why you vote the way you do. Contact me and let’s talk about it. I’m not one expecting you to change parties over night. Let’s start a conversation. Or at a very minimum become Facebook friends with Leo and chat with him.

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