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While having coffee this morning discussing the conspiracies of the day with my fellow members of the armadillo hat club, our conversation turned to the elections in 2012. No, not the presidential election, but the local ones. It started with an announcement that one of the members received a fundraiser flyer from someone running for Sheriff in 2012. Wow! Talk about getting a head start.

When we went through the roster of openings in 2012, it is impressive. Here is the list of the local positions and the names we have heard ((i)= incumbent; ©= announced candidate; ®= rumored candidate):

U.S. House 14- the armadillo hat club predicts that we will be in the new house seat.

Doug Collins ®

Lee Hawkins ®

Martha Zoller ®

State Senate-

Butch Miller (I)

State House 25-

James Mills (I)

State House 26-

Carl Rogers (I)

State House 27-

Lee Hawkins ®

Clerk of Court-

Charles Baker (I)

Jennifer Gibbs ®


Jeff Strickland ©

John Strickland ®

(I) Steve Chronic is apparently not running.

Tax Commissioner-

Keith Echols (I)

Steve Gailey ®


Chris Patton (I)


Marian Merck (I)


Stephanie Woodard (I)

Hall County Chairman-

Tom Oliver (I)

Doug Aiken ®

Steve Gailey ®

County Commission Post 2-

Bill Powell (I)

Mack Vinton ®

Eugene Moon ®

County Commission Post 4-

Ashley Bell (I)

Deborah Mack ®

Board of Education Post 3-

Craig Herring (I)

Board of Education Post 4-

Nathan Morris (I)

A great number of these people are unknown to me, but it is important that we find out the truth. So next week, maybe we can start at the top of the list and work our way down. If you have any other rumors that you would like to add, e-mail them to me:
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Hugh Hall County Akston

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  1. Sassy
    April 7, 2011 at 10:47 am

    Thank you for this opportunity

    Let’s take them in your order:

    U.S. House 14-

    Doug Collins ®- I could see him running and probably winning.

    Lee Hawkins ®- I don’t think he would go that way after the last race. Especially if the new district includes Forsyth County. If he does decide to enter, he needs a more organized campaign.

    Martha Zoller ®- You have got to be kidding. I just ask one question. Why?

    State House 27-

    Lee Hawkins ®- This would make sense. I could even see him throwing his hat in for Hall County Comm. Chair.

    Clerk of Court- A rematch

    Charles Baker (I)- From what I am hearing about the his refusal to seat the guy for Tax Assessors Board, we may see him have difficulty. I spoke to one of the people from the tax meeting in South Hall and it looks like the guy is going to sue for his seat. That will only hurt Baker.

    Jennifer Gibbs ®- If Baker comes out unscathed by a law suit. He can probably hold his seat against Ms. Gibbs. She would need to run on specifics of what Mr. Baker has or has not accomplished during his time. A demonstration of his relationship with Chairman Oliver could even help her cause.


    Jeff Strickland ©- I have posted about this on the Times. This guy should not run. We (the sheriff) have this huge budget, but they do not fight for anything for the rank and file. They will use us as sock puppets to make them look like they are doing something great. I would like someone to look into how this guy and Sheriff Cronic manage the department today. That should be enough to demonstrate their ineptitude.

    John Strickland ®- I don’t know him as well as the other Strickland, but what I do he seems to be a stand up guy. Coming from someone living the life. This is the Strickland that will get my vote if this is the ticket.

    (I) Steve Chronic is apparently not running.- Good. We can’t take much more. Good luck in the future Sheriff Cronic.

    Tax Commissioner-

    Keith Echols (I)- Don’t have any thoughts at this point.

    Steve Gailey ®- Why? Didn’t he just leave office because he couldn’t carry his own district? Are we that happy with that beautiful Liberty Mutual building. That was his doings. No planning ability at all.


    Tom Oliver (I)- The Truth has made it clear we will be respectful and I was taught if you don’t have anything good to say, then be don’t say anything. So here goes….

    Doug Aiken ®- I see him on TV18 all the time. I like the way he tries to encourage the Commissioners to respect each other and more importantly his fellow citizens. And he seems genuinely concerned about the future of the entire county. He needs to get out of North Hall and let people know more about himself and his ideas for helping us out of the hole built by the ghost of chairmen past.

    He lacks the name recognition of the other guys, but he could build a grass roots movement if he gets busy.

    He also lacks all of the political ties the current Chairman has. You know the ones that dictate when and how high he should jump.

    Steve Gailey ®- Again, why? Didn’t he just leave office because he couldn’t carry his own district? If he can’t carry his district what makes him think he can carry Chairman.

    County Commission Post 2-

    Bill Powell (I)- jbuster, I get to vote for his recall in this (2012) election 😀

    Mack Vinton ®- Need to meet

    Eugene Moon ®-Need to meet

    County Commission Post 4-

    Ashley Bell (I)- Does the “I” stand for Incumbent of Indecisive? Nice guy, but it seems he is missing both on the job and a belief system. That has created a problem in Washington and we don’t need this type of leadership any longer in Hall County.

    From a political position. Where is his base? His reputation is that he is with you as long as he is with you. Not enough to get people to bang on doors for him.

    Deborah Mack ®- Niiiiiccccceeee. I would like to see her again.

    Board of Education Post 4-

    Nathan Morris (I)- THIS GUY HAS GOT TO GO! How long has he served and we get sneaky tax increases in March, leaky roofs, HVAC not working, and plain old property tax increases shortly.

    He has spent his time on the glamorous projects and forgotten the core responsibilities of keeping the infrastructure functioning properly.

    To paraphrase Rev. Jeremiah Wright: Mr. Morris’ chickens have come home to roost. VOTE HIM OUT!

    Thanks for the space.

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