Pass the Clothespin

Boy with Clothespin On Nose

We constantly complain there aren’t enough good candidates running for office. We see others hold the proverbial clothespin firmly on their nose and vote for candidates they really don’t like.  Unless we have decided to totally disengage from the system, we all do it at some point. In Georgia, such behavior is essentially required thanks…

Time to Crash the Party

it is time for the Republican Party to get their brand back. Imagine if I were to bottle some soda and apply the Coca-Cola label to it; you think I would get into some trouble? You see, Coke gets to determine who can use their brand, but the GOP cannot. Sure the GOP had a…

Strike 3, You are Out!


I mentioned before that I have a 3 strike rule when it comes to politicians and I hate to say it, but our D.A. just swung and missed for Strike 3.

Schools getting hit hard this year.

First time school board members must be asking themselves why they ran for school board. The State starts by telling them they may stop paying for insurance for all part time non-certified employees. Then the State tells them they may take away the E-SPLOST penny in fuel tax by converting it to an excise tax.

Those Sneaky Commissioners

I wonder what the County Commission is up to tomorrow. I just happened to be looking at the county website and saw the page about the meetings of the Commissioners. You see the section on “Work Sessions”? Says Monday prior to 2nd and 4th Thursday. But wait, there is more. If you click that link under…

Is SPLOST a Lost Cause?


Looking back at when I took office as a Flowery Branch Council member, I don’t remember talking about the items for SPLOST VI. I just remember the sales job that was being made to the cities and to the public. What I remember is that almost as soon as it was passed, it seemed that…

State of Illusion


After sitting through Obama’s 6th State of the Union Address, I have to wonder… how does someone see the county so differently than I do? I’m happy that the market has done well even though I haven’t been able to afford to invest in it. I’m also happy that gas prices have fallen through the…

Power of Three


The number Three has an ingrained significance in our culture from the Holy Trinity to our three branches of government. There is even a rule of three in economics. It takes three legs to make a stool. I have always felt that there is also a rule of three in politics and this rule of…